Workshop content

Intensive workshops : Same time, same room, same group, same teachers Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The teaching will be based on conscious movements and accessible and feasible sequences to be incorporated by the dancers.
Besides sequences the teaching will emphasise creativity and improvisation techniques that allows the dancers to exploit the maximum of their potential.

That is why we only allow 15 couples in each group.
Thus giving the teachers a chance to get familiar with the participants and thereby giving more personal feedback.

Eleonora Kalganova & Michael Nadtochi

Course E&M-1 E&M-2 E&M-3
Level Intermediate Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate/Advanced


  • Dialog of rhythms, alternating traspie, leading and allowing

The art of flow

  • Going deep in the non-stop movement and the concept of energy in tango

Changing dynamics

  • Playing with the dynamics in your dance using Pugliese as an example


Daniela Pucci & Luis Bianchi

Course D&L-1 D&L-2 D&L-3
Level Advanced Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate

Extreme Dissociation

  • Pivot and turn technique for followers and leaders- Back Sacadas for followers and leaders
  • Complex turns with Sacadas

Pendular Dynamics

  • Preparing the Body for Pendular Movement: Individual and partnering exercises to create a more relaxed body and natural movement
  • Linear and Circular Pendular Movements: Exploring acceleration/slowing down in the walk, ochos and other movements
  • Effortless Dynamics: Extending the pendular dynamics over several steps to create flow and contrast without effort.

Mastering Boleos and Ganchos

  • Essential Technique for Boleos and Ganchos
  • Different Options for Ganchos and Boleos
  • Deepening Musicality in Ganchos and Boleos


Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh & Murat Erdemsel

Course S&M-1 S&M-2 S&M-3
Level Intermediate/Advanced Advanced Intermediate


  • Give and take Sacadas in a dynamic flow
  • Men and womens advanced technique for walking
  • Smooth colgadas


  • Powering the partnership in mutual decision making in 5 steps
  • Dancing in very crowded milongas
  • Equally sharing the dance as a man and a woman


  • Clever recipe for vals. Understanding the structure of the music, offering musical solutions that work for every vals.
  • Creating 3 dimensional compositions in music
  • Musical contact in close embrace.