Daniela and Luis

Daniela and Luis met in 2005, during her first trip to Buenos Aires. What was supposed to be Luis’s last tanda for the night turned into two hours of dancing together. Daniela left her career as an MIT engineering professor to become Luis’s tango partner. Luis left Buenos Aires to join her in New York City, where they lived from 2006 to 2012. In 2012 they embarked on a new adventure together, moving back to Buenos Aires where they are setting up their tango studio and guest house. Since the beginning of their professional partnership in 2006, Daniela and Luis have established themselves as popular dancers and instructors.

As performers, Daniela and Luis’ found their home in the spontaneity and profound focus of improvisation. Their goal is to feel and to make feel; to lose themselves in a four-way communication with each other, the music and the audience. To that end they greedily avail themselves of techniques and tools across all tango styles, never losing sight that these are only a means and never an end. The result is a charismatic dance that is infused with joy, sincerity and heartfulness, with occasional touches of comedy.

Daniela and Luis approach teaching with seriousness and passion. They are fascinated by the challenges posed by the transmission of tango and constantly refining their syllabus. Deeply empathetic, they strive to create an atmosphere of generosity and acceptance in class and often make use of a bit (or more) of humor to ensure that the learning process stays enjoyable.  They have developed a teaching methodology that leverages Daniela’s engineering, mathematics and classical piano and Luis’s massage therapy backgrounds, prioritizing proper body mechanics, improvisation skills and deep musical understanding over complex sequences of steps.

Their ultimate goal is to help students dance with ease and confidence, create a pleasurable experience for their partners and find their own unique tango voice.