Pino Dangiola

Pino Dangiola is founder of Tangocamp. At the same time he gave start to Club Tango in Stockholm. He is one of the most well known tango dancer/teachers in Sweden He has been on TV, in films and stage to as an actor, dancer and choreographer. He had a big role raising Tango in Sweden. Pino has worked as a tango DJ since 1994. When he started out he was using cassette. After mini discs became popular, he started with cortinas in Sweden. For a long time he worked with only CDs and now lately with laptop. However his love is in the vinyl, which he has collected for many years. So every now and then he djs with vinyl, which creates a special feeling. He regularly plays in his own milonga in Stockholm, Milonga Grammofon and often seen as a DJ in marathons and festivals around Europe.

Pino Dangiola says that : I try to feel crowd and play what my heart says!! I guess I have a wide repertoire, but for sure, my personal choice is from Golden Age, but every now and then i change the mood completely and choose something different! Im very excited to play at the Copenhagen Tango Festival. It will be a pleasure!