Helen La Vikinga

Helen was born in Iceland, but has been living abroad for more than 26 years, the last 11 in Argentina.

Has been teaching and giving tango shows together with Martin Maldonado, Maurizio Ghella, Javier Guiraldi, Jorge Pahl, Walter Perez, Leonardo Sardella, Gunner Svendsen, Adrián Coria and Fernando Corrado at Tango Festivals and events in Europe, USA, Mexico and Argentina.
Helen works with the argentinean tango as a dance, as an expression, but most of all as a communication and a connection to the other, and in both the leaders and the follower´s role.
She teaches traditional tango to “queer” tango and everything in between. The most important is to be able to communicate to the other and to enjoy the TANGO!

Helen started early to dance both roles in the tango and became well known at the traditional milongas in Buenos Aires for dancing the “men´s” role ☺
Helen did organize well-known milongas in Buenos Aires: La Vikinga (one of the first alternative milongas in Baires), Bien Pulenta (the first gayfriendly and smoke free milonga in Baires) and Mano a mano (open minded traditional milonga).
Helen did participate in the short film: Tango que me hiciste mal, y sin embargo…

Check out Helen website at: http://www.helenlavikinga.com